The water will be cleared immediately upon hearing thunder. This closure will endure until 30 mins after the last clap of thunder.

Swim courses may be reduced temporarily in the event of fog.

  • If the 750m course is barely visible, swimming will be restricted to the 400m course.
  • If the 400m course is barely visible, swimming will be restricted to the 200m course.
  • If the 200m course if barely visible, swimming will be restricted to the 100m course.
  • If the 100m course is barely visible, swimming will be restricted to the 50m course.
  • If the 50m course is barely visible, swimming will be suspended.

If at any time you require assistance, please carry out the following actions:

Roll onto your back
Hold onto your tow float
Raise your arm in the air
Call out for help

We swim anti-clockwise around each of our triangular swim courses, beginning and ending at the red, triangular HUUB buoy.

Each course includes the start buoy and……

50m – 2 x Round white buoys

100m – 2 x Triangular red buoys

200m – 2 x Triangular yellow buoys

400m – 2 x Triangular blue buoys

750m – 3 x Triangular, red HUUB buoys

During the Winter months we reduce the available swim courses.

  • When the water temperature falls below 12°C the 750m course is removed.
  • When the water temperature falls below 10°C the 400m course is removed.

These courses are reinstated when the water temperature rises again in the Spring.

Lake 32 Outdoor Centre

Spratsgate Lane





Mon – Fri – 7am – 4pm

Sat & Sun – 8am – 4pm

May – Aug

Mon – Fri, 7am – 7pm

Sat & Sun – 8am – 5pm


Mon – Fri – 7am – 4p

Sat & Sun – 8am – 5pm

Oct – Mar

Mon – Sun – 8am – 4pm

We offer a reduced service over the Christmas period for a short time, to give our staff a well deserved break.

We will restrict access sporadically through the summer months due to large group bookings and Triathlon events, but we’ll always reopen site when possible.

Bookings are available 7 days in advance (this is from the specific hour, not just the day)

**All customers must pre-book a session prior to their arrival on site. This is due to our car parking availability**

**Please arrive no more than 15mins prior to your booked session**

**Please be prepared to show your booking confirmation on arrival**

To take full advantage of the effortless booking system, please complete all the fields in the “My Account” section. This will enable the website to automatically fill in all of your details each time you book a session or purchase a product.

We do have limited parking on the main site so we may have to utilise our grass field at busy times.

We save 4 spaces on the main site for disabled visitors.

To avoid parking fines, please do not park in the fishermen’s carpark. Please proceed to the grass field.

It is entirely up to each individual. You may choose to swim in either a swimming costume or a wetsuit.

Please also bring warm clothes to change into after your swim. Showering in order to warm up is not advised, dry layers are a far superior remedy.

All swimmers need to wear a tow float when in the water to ensure that our safety team can see you. Swim hats are optional but recommended.

All customers may hire the following pieces of equipment at lake 32:

Tow floats – £7 each

Buoyancy Aids – £5 each

Wetsuits (for paddling) – £5 each

In addition to the above, members may email the office giving 72 hours notice to hire:

Paddle craft – SUP, Canoe, Kayak, Multi-SUP

**Office hours are Mon – Fri – 10am to 4pm**

Dogs are welcome at Lake 32.

They must be kept on a lead at all times on site.

Dogs may swim in the water from the fishing swims around the lake, not on our site.

You must adhere to the following if you wish to swim with your dog in the swim course:

The dog must be attached to you via a long floating lead

The dog must wear a buoyancy aid.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times whilst on site.

Please do not leave your children unsupervised while you swim / paddle.

The ideal session to start Open Water Swimming at Lake 32.

Book in to meet with an experienced staff member who will give you an induction to Lake 32 and Open Water swimming. Then enjoy a dip/swim and a post swim hot drink.

You MUST be able to swim prior to this. It is not a swimming lesson.

You will need to bring swimwear, towel and if your session is during the winter, plenty of loose warm layers for after your swim! We will loan you a tow float for this session but you will need to purchase one to swim with us in the future.

Between 2m and 6m.

The water temperature is displayed on the website title bar, the board by the swim entry point and above the counter in the café.

Yes – There is a permissive right of way all the way around the lake.

Our café stocks a wide range of hot and cold food with vegetarian and vegan options, and our ‘Brewbacca’ coffee machine is on hand to provide you with a selection of espresso based coffees.

We do have heated, male and female changing rooms with toilets and showers.

You may secure your belongings in your vehicle and leave the keys with the café staff for safe keeping.

Camping is only permitted during specific events.

Swim & paddle areas are clearly marked with buoys, please ask a member of staff for clarification.

Inflatable SUPs are permitted. Inflatable Kayaks are permitted after we have carried out a safety inspection.

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